The Society for the Preservation of Pristinity

ORGANIZATION CREATED BY: M.C. Burnell | mcburnell1


Proudly serving the Serenity Meadows community since 126, the Society for the Preservation of Pristinity oversees the health and happiness of the beautiful woodland creatures inhabiting the district, maintains the pristinity of our elegant, uncorrupted home, and thoroughly vets visitiors and prospective residents.  

After several incidents shortly following the founding of Gone Street and its placement beside our illustrious district, PoP was founded by several accomplished and influential dryad, fae, elf, seelie, centaur, and nymph leaders who wanted to preserve the beauty and dignity of the district and its residents unto perpetuity. Annual Gone Street holidays remind us that the destruction of our flower beds at the hands of those who do not value the beauty of nature is the least of our concerns.


Membership is entirely voluntary1, though residents are highly encouraged to participate. Incentives for affiliating with PoP include: increased housing value, 24/4 garden care, lake care, and tree home maintenance, attractive and uniform neighborhoods, and various amenities. These amenities include: griffon, pegasi, hippocampi, zheng, impundulu, dire wolf, gbahali, and will-o-the-wisp daycare; personal leaf care services; on-call flower delivery service2; 5% discounts at local Serenity Meadows vendors3; emergency water and fertilizer delivery; a staff of druids on duty at all times; and access to the beautiful Serenity Meadows Glade, maintained by PoP staff.


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The Society for the Preservation of Pristinity provides a number of benefits to the residents who choose to opt in.
  • Protection from dark magics, eldritch beings, and outsiders who may seek to do harm.
  • Services and amenities, as cited above.4
  • Sense of community with neighbors and other Serenity Meadows locals.
  • Community input on proposed initiatives and structural changes that will affect you as a homeowner.
  • Daily waste disposal.
  • Pride in your home and neighborhood!

    Did You Know?

    • The Society for the Preservation of Pristinity has reviewed over 500,000 applications to date, over 38% of which were submitted by residents of districts with the highest rates of deaths, curses, possessions, and dark magics: The Amalgamate, The District of the Dearly Departed, The Red Wastes, and even Gone Street.
    • After the PoP's conception, property values in Serenity Meadows have increased by 23%.
    • A residential poll found that over 73% of Serenity Meadows homeowners feel a stronger sense of community having joined PoP, and 87% feel more secure than they would in any other district.5
    • Serenity Meadows boasts one of the lowest annual mortality rates, a fraction of the death rates of other districts.6
    • Disputes with Gone Street and its residents reduced by over 41% after the founding of PoP.7
1Non-compliant residents are subject to a monthly opt-out fee and must find independent maintenance contractors and other services.
2 A small fee is incurred.
3 Only available to PoP Board membership.
4 Not all services guaranteed. Please contact a PoP representative to see if you qualify.
5 Source: 2148 Serenity Meadows Housing Survey sample of approximately 17 adult residents.
6 Serenity Meadows was ranked sixth in annual mortality rate, at 43 deaths per year.
7 Note: Citation needed.

"When we ride, you stay inside."

Entrance to PoP headquarters, located in central Serenity Meadows
PoP headquarters lobby

126 P.U. - Present

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