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Serenity Meadows

A huge shoutout to author M.C. Burnell for coming up with the The Society for the Preservation of Pristinity!  

About the District

Serenity Meadows is home to a population of over 3.5 million denizens of The City. It was the second of the The City's districts, planned and developed in the year 118 P.U.


The district's appearance can be summed up with one word: trees. Trees everywhere. And grass. And bushes. And fruits and veggies. And animals running around that probably should not be running around (lions, tigers, and bears, oh my!). Unsurprisingly, Serenity Meadows boasts the most trees per capita in the world. Legally, the cutting of trees is entirely forbidden due to the number of dryads living in the district and inhabiting its plant life.


Those who do not live in trees most likely live in cozy cottages wrapped in vines, or, in the case of PoP membership, magnificent fae-designed mansions made of stone and covered in colorful fruits and flowers. Smallfolk such as leaf people and fairies can make their home anywhere, but particularly favor parks or a friendly dryad to call home.



While the projected time for each new district to be zoned was roughly 2 years, the people of the budding (pun intended) Serenity Meadows required much placating from the other monsters after the accidental founding of the District of the Dearly Departed as the first of The City's districts. Among those appeasements came the agreement to extend Serenity Meadows, making it the largest of the districts aside from The Amalgamate. As the denizens of SM would provide (literaly) vital resources to the rest of the city, including fruits and vegetables, livestock, and a more convenient method of construction through the help of earth elementals, there was plenty of pressure to please the stubborn and prideful leaders of SM.


As more monsters were officially welcomed and more districts added to the growing City, leaders of the illustrious Serenity Meadows grew concerned that outside influence from the...more unseemly monsters, might start to rub off on the goodly fae folk. These fears were further exacerbated by the founding of Gone Street and its placement directly next to Sirenity Meadows. The prospect of having shadow and demonfolk so close by evoked outrage and unrest in SM.


A small sect of powerful and influential dryad, fae, elf, seelie, centaur, and nymph representatives formed a board to prevent any corruption from the other districts from spreading to their own, as well as manage general issues affecting the community. This organization would eventually become known as the The Society for the Preservation of Pristinity, or PoP for short.


Facts about the neighborhood

  • Ever since Gone Street's founding, Serenity Meadows has had multiple conflicts with their neighboring district: everything from disputes over the alleged toxification of flowers and fruits on the border of SM, to accusations of intentionally playing "hippy flute music" at all hours of the day, to countless recorded incidents of pranks of varying levels of severity on one another. Neither district is thrilled to exist next to the other.
  • It has been an ongoing point of contention that The Society for the Preservation of Pristinity charges a monthly fee to all inhabitants of Serenity Meadows, citing that such a fee is necessary to maintain the integrity of the neighborhood and incentivize only the most upstanding citizens of The City to move in. Lower income citizens argue that the fee only seeks to unfairly keep out other monsters and control the home owners of SM.
  • (Thanks Kahner for cooking up this idea!) Rather than consuming electricity, the denizens of Serenity Meadows prefer to light the neighborhood with magical baubles enchanted to take requests for the 'mood' of the lighting. There have been, ahem, "anonymous" complaints to the city that these enchanted baubles are a frivolous and gaudy expense.
  • It's Gone Street. The complaints are from Gone Street.
  • (Another big thanks to Kahner!) The sidewalks of Serenity Meadows have a unique design: they are lifted on stilts just above the grass so that undeneath tiny critters (and the more adventurous leaf people) can build their homes with ease.
  • Members of The Society for the Preservation of Pristinity, and some others within SM, do not recognize the District of the Dearly Departed as a legitimate district. They argue that it sets a bad precedent to grant citizenship to beings whose existence is the very antithesis of nature itself. As one might imagine, the denizens of the DDD are good friends with Gone Streeters.
  • Common occupations in Serenity Meadows (from most to least common):
    1. Farmer
    2. Recycle/Waste Management
    3. Botanist
    4. Ranger
    5. Chef
    6. Conservationist
    7. Architect (mostly earth elementals)
    8. Zoologist
    9. Geologist
    10. Environmental Lawyer
  • Serenity Way has the sixth highest annual human mortality rate. It is widely considered one of the safest districts in The City to mortals, and most deaths can be attributed to unfortunate humans who insult the fae or wave red cloth in front of minotaurs. Annual statistics as recorded by the Bureau of Lifetime Management and Statistics are as follows:
    1. Gone Street: 3,786
    2. Isale Way: 3,054
    3. District of the Dearly Departed: 2,897
    4. The Amalgamate: 897
    5. The Red Wastes: 564
    6. Serenity Way: 43
    7. New Nimbus: 5
  • Each district (aside from The Amalgamate) is represented/celebrated for two months out of the year. Serenity Meadows is celebrated the fifth and sixth months (May-June), the Months of the Tranquil.
  • The monster inhabitants of The City have never agreed on an official name. As a result, the locals of each neighborhood know The City by their own names. Serenity Meadows' name for The City: Taytania

"There will be beauty."

118 P.U. - Present

Geopolitical, City-state
Parent Organization

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