The Red Wastes

About the District

The Red Wastes are home to a population of less than 250,000 blazing denizens of The City. It was the sixth of the The City's districts, planned and developed in the year 135 P.U.


The district, being home to a population of almost entirely beings that thrive most in fire or otherwise high temperature environments, consists primarily of buildings, pillars, and obelisks contructed out of concrete, black basalt, or obsidian. The most populated section of the district is located along a channel of lava, within which the scorching magmafolk reside. The district center is a place of decadence and avarice, with sidewalks embedded with jewels exclusively found in The Red Wastes, wealthy fire folk draped in gowns sewn from magically processed magma and gems, and beautiful elementals ready to indulge one's every desire.


While other districts, such as Isale Way and New Nimbus, exist in climates that are unsustainable to human life, leadership within The Red Wastes is the only one that has refused adjustments to make the region more habitable to those outside of its residents. Due to the extremely hostile environment, The Red Wastes' residential area is entirely restricted for humans. This restriction gives it a lower annual human mortality rate, though the number is still relatively high considering humans should not be there to begin with.


Just outside the district of fire and debauchery, however, are acres of rolling hills and lush valleys. While the district itself cannot sustain any life that doesn't thrive in extreme heat, the lava that flows through it leaves the soil in the surrounding area fertile and rich in nutrients. This has made the district a leading producer not only of gems and metals, but also fruits and vegetables. Humans are not permitted to live within The Red Wastes, but they do make for cheap labor as farmers outside of the district.



It is not known how the fiery Red Wastes came to be, but like Isale Way and The District of the Dearly Departed, its unique properties existed long before the founding of The City. Most researchers and historians theorize that a powerful dragon and fire elemental waged war in ancient times, and the climax of the battle took place in what is now The Red Wastes, decimating it and leaving an enormous crater of magma behind.


The large gap between the construction of Isale Way and construction of The Red Wastes is due to fire elemental Emperor Volland Pyremus,' adamant refusal to relinquish complete power and resign himself only to a single vote on behalf of his people to determine the fate of The City. He voted 'nay' at the First Global Interspecies Conference to decide on the founding of The City, and offers of concessions including resources and more land extending The Red Wastes, did not appear to sway him. It is believed that the dragon emperor, Lord Ajaraxxis Witherhide, ultimately helped to bring the emperor around, but considering the stubborness and volatility of both parties, that has never been confirmed.


Facts about the neighborhood

  • Common occupations in The Red Wastes (from most to least common):
    1. Farmer
    2. Miner
    3. Refuse Collector
    4. Chef
    5. Jeweler
    6. Welder
    7. Glassblower
    8. Feral Dragon Trainer
    9. Fire Marshal
    10. Sex Worker
  • The Red Wastes is home to earth elementals, which specialize in the disposal of wastes. It's not how the district got its name, but hey, it fits!
  • Some of the less agreeable rumors floating around The Red Wastes involve the trafficking of monster body parts and the occasional disappearance of human farmers, though those disappearances are usually chalked up to a human not being careful and accidentally falling into a pool of lava. It happens.
  • Sex work is very much legal and in fact celebrated in The Red Wastes, and the district is known for celebrating freedom of expression and sexuality. And fun times.
  • Pouring water on a denizen of The Red Wastes is a great way to get killed instantly and painfully. Don't do that.
  • The Red Wastes' unusual motto stems from the sound Emperor Volland Pyremus heard a group of humans make after setting them on fire for the first time. He and the nobles present found the sound to be delightfully pleasant and moving.
  • The Red Wastes would doubtless have one of the highest human mortality rates were it not for restrictions placed on human visitors and residents barring them from entering. Nonetheless, the rate is still unusually high. The Red Wastes has the fifth highest annual mortality rate. Annual statistics as recorded by the Bureau of Lifetime Management and Statistics are as follows:
    1. Gone Street: 3,786
    2. Isale Way: 3,054
    3. District of the Dearly Departed: 2,897
    4. The Amalgamate: 897
    5. The Red Wastes: 564
    6. Serenity Way: 43
    7. New Nimbus: 5
  • Each district (aside from The Amalgamate) is represented/celebrated for two months out of the year. The Red Wastes is celebrated the seventh and eighth months (July-August), the Months of the Blazing.
  • The monster inhabitants of The City have never agreed on an official name. As a result, the locals of each neighborhood know The City by their own names. The Red Waste's name for The City: Pierco du Merda


135 P.U. - Present

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