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The Amalgamate is home to a population of more than 5,000,000 denizens of The City, about half of whom are human as of today. It was the seventh and last of the The City's districts, planned and developed in the year 140 P.U.


The district is a winding, multi-layered metropolis, something of a miniature reproduction of The City as a whole. The Amalgamate is split into five sections at the edges, each section corresponding with the district closest to it: Gone Street to the east, The Red Wastes to the north, the District of the Dearly Departed to the west, Serenity Meadows to the south, and Isale Way to the southeast. Because New Nimbus floats above The City, the southwestern section of The Amalgamate serves as its central representation.


Since spellcasters primarily take up residence in The Amalgamate, the district is a major hub of both magic and technology. Most major developments in magitech can be traced back to Arcanatech Inc., the biggest magic and tech product development company in The City, founded by spellcasters and based in The Amalgamate. While such magic and technological innovations exist throughout the entire City, prototypes, experiments, and the creations of less experienced casters are far more likely to be seen here alone.


The layout and structure of buildings within The Amalgamate are also impacted by the presence of casters, who are known for delighting in infusing everything with magic for ease of use and the general whimsy of being surrounded by their own magic. Buildings in The Amalgamate are some of the tallest ever seen, standing despite being constructed on inadequate foundations but never risking collapse with the constant infusion of magic. This has allowed the district to consist of multiple "layers," each one built with roads and sidewalks that cut through the enormous and impossible buildings stretching from layer to layer.


Though casters were not thrilled at the prospect of giving up pieces of their home district to the other already-established districts, they did take quite a lot of pleasure in designing and enchanting those sections with such features as: Stratospheres in New Nimbus, vehicles composed entirely of clouds and ice crystals; blood fountains in DDD for the occasional bloodsucking monster; floating ash clouds enchanted to hover permanently over The Red Wastes; "True Darkness" sunglasses for Gone Street residents to wander the rest of The City uninhibited; and anti-compulsion microphones for Isale Way residents not looking to accidentally murder people with their voices; and, biggest of all, a massive park in the Serenity Meadows section enchanted to change season every three to five days.


The district that began as a sort of "dumping ground" for "undesirable" monsters and magical beings eventually became a central hub where all monster and--eventually--even humans could feel welcome. That's not to say that it, too, doesn't suffer from the occasional human massacre or strings of disappearances. But it's a start.



The Amalgamate was the first district of The City to be conceived, but the last to be constructed. Years of disputes among the leaders of each district meant that the central neighborhood meant to unite monsterkind had to be redesigned, scrapped, and redesigned again, over and over until it became, admittedly, something of a mess.  

The storm archons of New Nimbus demanded a section of the district be allocated to creating a comfortable space for elementals. The nobility of Serenity Meadows demanded an enormous park be placed right at the center of the district. The emperors of The Red Wastes demanded at least half of the would-be district be scorched and repurposed into an extension of The Red Wastes.


These demands were met with outrage from the monsters whose homes would be situated in The Amalgamate, as they were either barred from (Serenity Meadows, Gone Street, District of the Dearly Departed) or physically unable to live in (Isale Way, New Nimbus, The Red Wastes) any of the other districts. Spellcasters in particular pushed back against the demands of the other districts, arguing that everyone else already had a district and had no right or need to claim pieces of theirs. While their protests were successful in keeping the center of the district entirely for the "outlier" monsters who had none of the other districts to turn to, the outer sections were divided between the other districts, much to their chagrin.


Facts about the neighborhood

  • The Amalgamate is easily the largest and most unusual of the districts, situated at the very heart of The City and feeding out into the five districts surrounding it (excluding New Nimbus).
  • The Amalgamate is home to Hirsch Farms, the golem production company with the namesake of Rabbi Ezra Hirsch. Hirsch Farms boasts one of the largest human workforces in The City, and has been credited with greatly reducing human deaths and injuries through the use of sturdy golem laborers in place of mortals.

  • The Last Wish Foundation, founded and operated by the auguri, is one of the biggest draws to The Amalgamate for monsters who would otherwise have no interest in visiting the "district of the unwanted." The prospect of have one's any wish granted appeals to even the strongest of monsters, and the dangers of wording a wish incorrectly have earned the company the grudging respect of even the most diabolic of Gone Streeters.
  • In addition to implementation of a golem labor force, humans feel safest in The Amalgamate due to the founding of WereWatch; a werewolf-run organization dedicated to finding a protecting missing persons.
  • Common occupations in the The Amalgamate (from most to least common):
    1. Cashier
    2. Laborer
    3. Farmer (primarily commuting to The Red Wastes)
    4. Magical Material Handler
    5. Customer Service Rep
    6. Receptionist
    7. Magical Apprentice
    8. (Occult Information Technology) OIT Tech Support
    9. Golem Sales Representative
    10. WereWatch Personnel (primarily werewolves)
  • Despite The Amalgamate having the highest human population in The City, its annual mortality rate, thanks to WereWatch and Hirsch Farms, is relatively low. Annual statistics as recorded by the Bureau of Lifetime Management and Statistics are as follows:
    1. Gone Street: 3,786
    2. Isale Way: 3,054
    3. District of the Dearly Departed: 2,897
    4. The Amalgamate: 897
    5. The Red Wastes: 564
    6. Serenity Way: 43
    7. New Nimbus: 5
  • Because The Amalgamate is meant to represent all monsters and is therefore a collection of every district of The City, it does not have two months dedicated to celebrating it. The other months are as follows:
  • The Amalgamate is the only district that doesn't have a name for The City other than...The City. The other names are as follows:
    • Official name: None (simply referred to as The City)
    • District of the Dearly Departed: Anghenville
    • Serenity Meadows: Taytania
    • Isale Way: Binloke
    • Gone Street: Ærsling
    • New Nimbus: City Indigno
    • The Red Wastes: Pierco du Merda

"Where the lost belong."

140 P.U. - Present

Geopolitical, City-state

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