Gone Street

About the District

Gone Street is home to a population of over 3.7 million night-dwelling denizens of The City. It was the fourth of the The City's districts, planned and developed in the year 124 P.U.


The district is a winding labyrinth of streets wreathed in shadow and mist. Where the upper level of the District of the Dearly Departed is sparsely lit, with dim street lamps spread out across every few blocks, there is not a hint of light on Gone Street. To the inhabitants of the district--those gifted with night vision and more comfortable in the shadows--Gone Street is a bustling hub more active than anywhere else in The City save perhaps The Amalgamate. Towering skyscrapers built from obsidian make up the majority of buildings in the neighborhood, interspersed with the occasional city block dipped into bottomless caverns for the underground dwellers. Gone Street is entirely silent during the day, but, to the surprise of many of The City's other residents early on after the district's founding, it's a wild party spot at night. Whether it is more dangerous to wander around Gone Street at night or during the day as any prey species is a fiercely debated topic to this day.


Gone Street is the home district to the most prominent law firm in The City, Mephistopheles, Luci, & Partners, whose founder was responsible for drafting the accord signed at the First Interspecies Global Conference and officializing the founding of The City. It is nonetheless considered wise to approach negotiations with the law firm, and any other in Gone Street, with ample caution. Humans and other prey species are advised not to enter an agreement with any resident of Gone Street at all.



One of the greatest disputes in The City's early history came when plans were being drawn up for the construction of Gone Street. As the other two remaining districts, Isale Way and The Red Wastes, were best suited for aquatic and volcanic regions respectively, and The Amalgamate was planned to make up the largest district in the very heart of The City, the only remaining space for Gone Street was between The District of the Dearly Departed and Serenity Meadows. Most of the highest ranking officials in Serenity Meadows did not take this well.


What words exactly were exchanged between Lord Carvish Elmcrest of the sidhe and Empress Katia of the nightmarefolk during the announcement of plans for Gone Street's conception, it is not known and was never recorded. But the resulting altercation threatened the tenuous peace between monsters when several representatives came to blows. It was only the intervention of the other representatives and concessions offered to appease both sides that allowed the construction to proceed. Since then, Gone Street has earned the reputation as the place to go when you need a boon, whether that be wealth, love, strength, or perhaps even a new life entirely.


Again, it is highly recommended that one excercise caution when visiting this district, as many Gone Streeters who specialize in magical contracts and wishes take great amusement in making those agreements backfire horribly.


Facts about the neighborhood

  • While the words exchanged between Lord Elmcrest and Empress Katia were never confirmed, some older monsters insist that Lord Elmcrest called into question Empress Katia's right to be present at the meeting, referring to her as 'walking dream flatulence.' (It should be noted to those unfamiliar that the nightmarefolk are the embodiment of a dark, shadow-like substance and get substenance by entering the bodies of their prey and feeding off their dreams, rotting them into nightmares.) Others argue that Empress Katia referred to the sidhe lord as a "glorified lightning bug" and threatened to eat his children. The people of Serenity Meadows and Gone Street have been bitter rivals ever since.
  • Gone Street is one of two districts whose residents' taxes are partially allocated to fund a magical enchantment that keeps the neighborhood in permanent darkness. The other is the DDD, and only at the lower level.
  • Common occupations on Gone Street (from most to least common):
    1. Receptionist
    2. Bartender
    3. Magical Material Handler
    4. Medical Assistant
    5. (Occult Information Technology) OIT Tech Support
    6. Portal Operator
    7. Lawyer
    8. Musician
    9. Doctor
    10. Eldritch Beast Trainer
  • Daredevils seeking a thrill often complete "challenges" that involve visiting various locations within Gone Street. The locals find this absolutely delightful. Whether or not they decide to play along can be a good thing or a disaster depending on the monster. (Please note: it's usually a disaster.)
  • While there were initially concerns about the animosity between the monsters of Serenity Meadows and Gone Street, the two have (grudgingly) existed peacefully for the past two millennia and seem satisfied with petty pranks and crude insults. For now.
  • To the surprise of absolutely no one, Gone Street has proven the most dangerous district to humankind, with the highest annual mortality rate in The City. Annual statistics as recorded by the Bureau of Lifetime Management and Statistics are as follows:
    1. Gone Street: 3,786
    2. Isale Way: 3,054
    3. District of the Dearly Departed: 2,897
    4. The Amalgamate: 897
    5. The Red Wastes: 564
    6. Serenity Way: 43
    7. New Nimbus: 5
  • Each district (aside from The Amalgamate) is represented/celebrated for two months out of the year. Gone Street is celebrated the eleventh and twelfth months (November-December), the Months of the Vanished.
  • The monster inhabitants of The City have never agreed on an official name. As a result, the locals of each neighborhood know The City by their own names. Gone Street's name for The City: Ærsling


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